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You are what you eat!
Do you wonder why your dog never seems to stop? Are they bouncing off the walls and unable to chill? Diet may be the cause! Book a chat with our Canine Nutritionist now: https://axevalleydogtraining.as.me/caninenutrition

We have a vast array of brilliant training packages, whether you’re looking for 1-1s or classes, drop an email to: team@axevalleydogtraining.co.uk or pencil in a call with our friendly team to get started.


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Dog training in east devon

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Is your dog spirited, stubborn, strong-willed, independent, untrainable, busy, or all of the above? Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to Axe Valley Dog Training, home of the Terrier Guy and the top choice for terrier owners who want a happier relationship with their dog without compromising that wonderful terrier spirit and character that we all love.

If we can train terriers, we can train any dog

Axe Valley Dog Training offers Dog Training, Puppy Classes and Workshops in East Devon and the surrounding areas, so whatever your training needs, we've got you covered. You can book all of our one to one Training Packages online now too! Put your slippers on, grab a cuppa and join the Terrier Guy from the comfort of your lounge, garden or anywhere with an internet connection.

The process is simple, and there is very little training that cannot be done online, whilst still achieving the same phenomenal results!

Here's what one of our online clients achieved:

Hi, just wanted to give an update with Casper. Everything’s going really well, he’s improved with his walking, jumping up and recall. He went on a walk in Windsor where he was great walking around dogs and people, he also visited his first pub where he was wonderful. Thanks for the all the help.

- Tyler and Juliet

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Does your dog pull like a train on lead?


We can help you regain control and enjoy walks again.


Does your dog jump all over visitors?


We can help you restore calm and keep those four paws on the floor.


Does your dog refuse to listen to you?


With our help, they'll be coming back to you every single time.


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About the Terrier Guy

Davey terrier training in Seaton

Davey (aka The Terrier Guy) is a Clever Dog Company Method Trainer, terrier enthusiast and clicker trainer. His lifelong aim is to show the world that terriers can be trained very successfully using modern reward-based training techniques and not physical or psycological intimidation methods. His favourite training exercises and techniques include mat work and shaping.

"It's a real lightbulb moment when the dog works things out for themselves."

He gained theoretical and practical accredited qualifications in Canine Behaviour and Training (Alpha Education, Clever Dog Company) and was handpicked by the famous Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Trainer Sarah Whitehead (BA, MSc) to join her team of Licensed trainers in the Clever Dog Company Method.

Learning is a continuous journey and Davey keeps his knowledge up to date by attending courses, webinars and reading from some of the best trainers and behaviourists in the field throughout the year.

When not working he practices the flute (knowing all about frustration!) and attempts to train his British Blue cat Luna.


What our clients say...

We cannot recommend Davey enough.

We opted for the Diamond package 1-1 service for our Cavachon puppy Coco. He was patient with our puppy and she has gained so much confidence. Davey is so helpful and friendly, with so much advice.

Thank you again and anyone looking for a kind, patient trainer please do contact Axe Valley Dog Training, first class trainer with amazing results.

- Stacey and Kelly


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Areas we cover

We are based in Seaton, Devon and cover the following areas (main towns in brackets):

East Devon (Honiton, Ottery St Mary, Axminster, Blackdown Hills, Sidmouth, Exmouth)

West Dorset (Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Beaminster)

South Somerset (Chard, Crewkerne)

Training outside of this approximate area will be charged at a higher rate for petrol and time costs. If you're unsure, get in touch!