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The ultimate in personalised training

Are you a busy parent who is juggling the kids and the dog? A hard-working couple doing shift work with no time for yourselves?

If you are having to make big changes in your life to manage your dog's behaviour and 'quick fixes' just won't cut it, this is what you need. Perfect for people who are short on time and need someone to do the bulk of the training.

  • an initial consultation of 2 hours

  • a truly personalised training plan

  • your choice of one, or two 1:1 training visits per week, with as much or as little input from you as you like

  • free high quality support materials

  • a selection of appropriate toys, games or equipment, chosen especially for your dog

  • easy monthly subscription


1 session a week: £272 a month (4 sessions per month)

Must book a minimum of two months

2 sessions a week: £480 a month (8 sessions per month)

Save £8 per session! 1 month minimum


Give us a call or use the button below to get in touch and discuss your needs.

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