Training packages

I only use positive, force-free and ethical training to help you communicate with your dog and keep up with scientific research to ensure you get the most up to date knowledge available.

Training can cover a wide variety of areas from housetraining, chewing, puppy biting, barking, pulling on lead, recall, reactivity and jumping up but ultimately you decide what you need help with!




  • Session lasting 1 hour 15 minutes

  • Immediate advice

  • Can include pre-puppy or rescue house checks and advice.


2 bespoke sessions - £123

(Save £47)

  • A 1 hour 15 min session followed by one 1 hour session

  • Great for getting quick tips

  • Upgrades available

  • Free clicker


3 bespoke sessions - £168

(Save £87)

  • A 1 hour 15 min session followed by two 1 hour sessions

  • Personalised training plan

  • Upgrades available

  • Free clicker and useful handouts


5 bespoke sessions - £260

(Save £165)

  • Our most popular package!

  • A 1 hour 15 min session followed by four 1 hour sessions

  • Personalised training plan

  • Phone and email support

  • Perfect for new puppies, rescues or difficult dogs.

  • Free goodie bag (worth over £30!) and high quality support materials

Closeup of a Black Dog

Thanks for a lovely (and happy!) session this morning. I walked Luca home from the car on the new lead and it was so much better. He loves the new tug toys and insisted on carrying it himself from the car to the house. And as I let him, he could see it was absolutely his and I wasn't going to take it from him! We had another game when we got back too. Lunch and a snooze now then will have a go at getting the harness back on, on my own!
Thank you so much Davey for all your help so far. We didn't touch on the rabbit tug toy yet but I think I'll keep that for the next sessions. Feeling much more confident about him, and calmer .....!

We've just got home from a short on lead walk. With the aid of the licki mat I was able to put his harness on without any problems, and he walked so nicely on the double lead throughout the walk - it was such a joy to be able to hold him easily, a little pulling (but certainly not arm out of socket type!!) and so easy to control him. He was quite happy with the new way of walking - and I was grinning like an idiot all the way!

- Jan & Luca