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Puppy classes

Give your puppy the best start in life by enrolling them in our popular 5 week puppy training course. The course focuses on building your puppy's confidence and learning life skills that will help them grow into happy, well-mannered adult dogs.

Puppies love to learn and benefit from early training. They can join this course as soon as they have had their second vaccination all the way up to 20 weeks of age. There is a maximum of 6 puppies per class to ensure you get plenty of support from the trainer.

With our methods puppies learn very quickly and you will achieve a lot in the 5 weeks more than you might imagine. It is intensive, you will be working continually in the hour session. This is important, puppies get bored easily and if you don't keep them working they may pick up bad behaviours in class such as barking or mouthing. As well as getting such great results we do find that 5 weeks fits into busy schedules much better than a long course. Your puppy even gets a rosette and certificate upon completion that you can show off to your friends!

Venue: Mariners' Hall, Beer EX12 3JB (week 1). Peacehaven, Harepath Hill, Seaton EX12 2TA (weeks 2-5)

Price: £100

NEW! Get a 1-2-1 session for £60 when you book a spot in a puppy class. This saves you a whopping £27 off our 1-2-1 price.

What We Cover

  • Reflex to name and focus

  • Confidence building

  • Settle and relaxation

  • Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Jumping up prevention

  • Leave

  • and more!


What's Included


Deluxe Puppy Pack

Worth over £25, this pack includes everything you need to start training. Clicker, Lickimat, treats, tuggy toy and more!


Puppy Survival Guide

An easy to read booklet that covers all the issues you will encounter with your pup including puppy biting, toilet training and those mad half hours. Written by Clinical Animal Behaviourist Sarah Whitehead.



Private Facebook Group

When you sign up to a class, you receive access to a private Facebook group that contains videos of the exercises we cover as well as useful resources to help you get through those first few months.


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